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After thinking long and hard about how to make my kids happy, I realized that I had to do something to make sure that we were keeping them entertained. They were getting bored with the normal things like playing outside and going to after school activities, so I began working hard to find an entertainment outlet for them. We were able to find a theater company that offered the kinds of family-friendly entertainment options we were looking for, and it was fun to see how much different things became. I decided to start a new blog that centered around entertainment, so here you are.



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Reasons To Encourage People To Submit Song Requests In Writing At Your Wedding

When you've hired a DJ for your upcoming wedding and are going over the many details for the reception, one thing that you'll want to touch on is song requests. Although some people decide that they don't want song requests at their wedding, many feel that allowing people to approach the DJ and ask him or her to play a song can further boost the party atmosphere. Many DJs will take song requests verbally, but it's advantageous to ensure that your wedding DJ is also open to accepting song requests in writing. Here are some reasons why.

Volume Can Be An Issue

During the dance portion of a wedding reception, the volume in the room may be loud. For people who are hard of hearing or who just know that the volume is too loud for them to be able to converse clearly, they may feel tentative about approaching the DJ and making a song request. As such, these individuals may simply avoid going up and asking for the DJ to play a song. When the DJ takes written requests, perhaps on slips of paper placed around the DJ table, people can write their requests and pass them to the DJ, regardless of the volume.

Some People Might Be Shy

Sometimes, people have ideas about songs that they want to request but are perhaps a little too shy to do so. For example, if a DJ were to immediately start playing a new song, the person who asked may be shy because he or she is likely still standing near the DJ, and those in attendance may assume who made the request. Sometimes, whether it's a sappy song or something else, it can be nice to give a request in writing as a way of guaranteeing your anonymity.

It Suits Large Weddings

At large weddings with a party-like atmosphere during the reception, the DJ may find himself or herself inundated with people making verbal requests. This can be overwhelming to the DJ, who may struggle to remember the name of every song that people shout. This environment can be highly stressful to your wedding DJ, who is working hard to do the best job possible for you. When you have a way to submit written requests — generally, a stack of index cards and some pens on a nearby table work well — the DJ can assess the requests more systematically without getting stressed.