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After thinking long and hard about how to make my kids happy, I realized that I had to do something to make sure that we were keeping them entertained. They were getting bored with the normal things like playing outside and going to after school activities, so I began working hard to find an entertainment outlet for them. We were able to find a theater company that offered the kinds of family-friendly entertainment options we were looking for, and it was fun to see how much different things became. I decided to start a new blog that centered around entertainment, so here you are.



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Hosting A Wedding At An Amusement Park: Three Things To Consider

Whether you love the thrill of a roller coaster, or you simply want to choose a wedding venue that ensures everyone has a good time, an amusement park can serve as a perfect venue for your special day. Of course, planning an amusement park wedding is a bit different than planning an event at a local banquet hall. Here are a few things you'll want to consider as you plan your special day.

Ticket Costs

To have your event at the amusement park and to ensure your guests get to enjoy the rides, each person invited will need a ticket to the venue. This can be expensive for some guests, particularly if they will also be traveling from out of town to attend the wedding. The cost of admission to the park, a hotel room, and rental car can quickly add up.

Work with the amusement park to broker a discounted ticket rate, and consider covering the cost of admission for those people who will be standing up at the wedding. You may also be able to negotiate free admission for people who are physically unable to enjoy the rides or for small children who are too small to take advantage of the park's attractions.

Reception Locations

Some amusement parks may have more than one location you can use for the wedding and reception. Larger parks may have both indoor and outdoor areas available to rent for your wedding day, so consider visiting the park ahead of time to tour each option. You may find that a large covered pavilion situated near the rides is ideal, or you may want a quiet location inside a building to serve as the location for your wedding ceremony.

Remember that you can also reserve the reception area for just long enough to host the after-wedding meal. The rest of your wedding day can be spent exploring the park with your guests.


Transportation to the reception location inside of the park can be a challenge, especially in larger parks. You'll want to make sure that older guests and families with small children don't have to walk through a large parking lot and then travel throughout the park to get to the reception.

Instead, work with the park's management to provide a shuttle bus or trolley to transport guests from the main entrance to the reception area. You can also reserve a block of parking spaces closer to the entrance for a fee. This helps ensure everyone will have a parking space and that everyone will be able to find the reception area easily.

Remember that your guests may be traveling from out of town to attend your wedding, so work with a wedding party planner such as one found through to help them find hotel accommodations and discounts for other local attractions they can enjoy while they are in town for your special day.