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After thinking long and hard about how to make my kids happy, I realized that I had to do something to make sure that we were keeping them entertained. They were getting bored with the normal things like playing outside and going to after school activities, so I began working hard to find an entertainment outlet for them. We were able to find a theater company that offered the kinds of family-friendly entertainment options we were looking for, and it was fun to see how much different things became. I decided to start a new blog that centered around entertainment, so here you are.



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Launch An Informal Business Meeting At A VIP Tailgate Party

Tailgating was once an informal gathering. Sports fans enjoyed hanging out in parking lots, cooking food on BBQs, and having a grand old time. People still love to tailgate, and the events aren't entirely informal anymore. Organized VIP tailgating parties are available for sign-ups. For people who enjoy and find value in mixing up social activities with business meetings, a VIP tailgating party could prove both fun and productive. It's definitely different.

Tailgating and the Social and Business Side of Meetups

Some business meetings should take place entirely in a formal setting. Certain industries, however, embrace informal settings. The tech world, the entertainment industry, even the energy sector find value in social function intended to push a business endeavor. VIP tailgating parties could be perfect for an informal meeting planning to set the stage for more formal interactions at a later time. Keep a few things in mind when considering a VIP tailgate party/meeting.

Opt for an Initial Meeting: First-time meetings are best here. A tailgate party becomes a perfect opportunity to get to know one another. Let's say the would-be attendees want to discuss producing an upcoming podcast on sports. A tailgate party isn't the right place to devise a specific production plan, but it is a great venue to figure out what everyone's opinions about sports and sports podcasting are. The meeting also allows everyone to see if their personalities mesh well together. If you can't work well together, you shouldn't.

Pick the Right Sport: If you choose a football game for a tailgating party, make sure everyone attending is comfortable with football. Doing so could eliminate some awkwardness. Not everyone has to be a die-hard fan. Even someone who never attended a football before would likely appreciate and accept an offer to participate in the party. The notion is especially true when the party is equal parts fun and business. Do not, however, hold the party at a sporting event that some would find highly uncomfortable attending. For example, someone who isn't into violence might not like to check out a mixed martial arts event.

So, why a VIP tailgate party? Can't you just put together one on your own? You could, but why risk the potential disorganization? A disorganized meeting won't turn out well. VIP tailgate parties come with pre-planned menus, an appropriately chosen location, and access to serving staff. All these elements come together to increase the chances the meeting turns out desirable.